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Nancy Daly
Delivering beyond your highest expectations as executive Facilitator, engaging Speaker and candid Author. Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, MBA

Nancy's expertise is in igniting change in organizations and individuals by merging analytical thinking with neuroscience, human awareness and ancient tribal wisdom. An executive facilitator to Boards and former CFO, she combines a complex business background with years of consciousness research and teaching. Nancy offers perspective and personality that builds trust for audiences to open, explore, shift and execute transformational strategies, whether for business goals or personal goals.

Nancy's passion for helping others discover their authentic spark, inspiring them to connect and act on that precious spark, exudes in care, skill, humor and personal experience and is offered through books, online dialogue and workshops such as "Realizing Your Potential" and "Shifting from Chaos to Calm."

Contact Nancy today at nancy@nancyrdaly.com for an extraordinary Board Meeting, conference program or personal growth workshop.
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Nancy speaks
on the
Brain and
Brain Transformation

A Left-Brain
Thinker On A

A Left-Brain Thinker On A Right-Brain Journey
A Left-Brain Thinker On A Right-Brain Journey
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