Consulting and Facilitation

with Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, MBA

Nancy's premiere reputation as an authority in planning, consensus-building and executive facilitation, along with her background as Chief Financial Officer and in leadership positions in the banking industry, continues to attract repeat clients who respect her highly intelligent skill and approachable style.

Her facilitation skills are instinctive, practiced and always applauded. She has worked with the toughest of business executives, the most intellectual scientists, the most reluctant of participants and the most dominant of voices. Her ability to accommodate all types of personalities, to know how to guide discussion and achieve goals for clients makes her a sought-after facilitator for your most challenging issues.

Please reserve Nancy early for consulting and facilitation efforts so that she may schedule appropriate time needed for advance preparation and complexity of engagements. Contact Nancy with a brief description of your facilitation needs, date and location, at nancy@nancyrdaly.com.

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