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Nancy Rosenfeld Daly is author of three unique books that include candid stories, helpful examples and skillful methods for transformative change. The books continue to captivate readers with substantive material for professional and personal growth. You will be ready to adapt the instructive insights immediately! Click on book cover to link to publisher’s site for free excerpt and to order Nancy’s book!

A Path to Higher Self

Embark on a fantastic journey through the Pollen Path, a Navajo wisdom map for explorers seeking a life fertile with growth and happiness. With keen insight into anticipated human behavior at each stage, you are empowered to navigate towards a more authentic and rewarding purposeful existence.

Expect this map and Nancy’s illuminating overlay with human behavior to permeate into how you think about yourself, your capability, and your direction. A copy of the tribal map is revealed inside A Path to Higher Self. Are you ready to begin?

"It was as if you gave me permission to feel okay about my desire to do something as irresponsible as pursue my dream! I am using the tools you provided, and though the new shoes occasionally feel a little uncomfortable, I am loving every step.”

"Learning how to apply the Pollen Path to my life was easy once I made the decision to jump into the point of “No More." I have successfully started my own business! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this priceless lesson."
R. Riggs,
Business Owner
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A Left-Brain Thinker On
A Right-Brain Journey
A Left-Brain Thinker On A Right-Brain Journey

If Nancy helps companies transform, can she use similar processes with individuals who desire major change? Yes, she did it and find out how you can too! Readers break through barriers, fears, and self-imposed boundaries to achieve their ultimate goals on this passion-filled journey.

The unique twist is Nancy's ability to combine analytical business thinking with creative intuition to help identify and implement personal changes for significant results. Her instructive story is told with humor, strategic questions, and step-by-step guidance as a launch pad to inspire you to get unstuck and leap forward in getting where you want to be.

"Nancy Daly's journey of personal transformation should resonate with anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to seek out and manifest their higher purpose in life."
Burt Woolf,
President, Center for Quality of Life

"As all of us reach inevitable thresholds, Nancy Daly, through her story, takes us by the hand to recognize them. With that awareness, she demonstrates that by following our passions we can find a comfortable balance between intuition and organized design to a deeper meaning in our lives.
Robert W. Elliott,
Executive Director of the New York Planning Federation and
Past President of the New York Conference of Mayors

Finding JOY
Amidst the Chaos
Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos

When chaos from a multitude of life events cascaded down, this business strategist and facilitator of transformative change created a series of questions to lead her out of the downward spiral into a place of calm, focused clarity. Now you can identify and live your unique definition of joy in greater depth and expanse, no matter what chaos may exist.

Discover how to quickly access personal expressions of calm and joy even in challenging work or relationship situations. Learn effective, yet simple, methods for action-planning to implement new commitments to positive choices. Dig deeper and find that which sustains you and elevates you, above the chaos.

"Many intelligent teachers exhibit a great deal of knowledge for which we are all grateful; but, few share true insight and wisdom that forever change us for the better. Nancy’s wealth of awareness is a gift to all who are open to accepting!”
Rebecca Gilbert,

“Nancy’s book showed up at the right place at the right time for me. Because of that encounter, I feel I have a new transformative change resource who delivered another piece of the puzzle to my life.” 
Mitchell Osborn,
Group Fitness Manager at Wellness Institution

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