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Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, MBA: Professional Speaker

Engaging Minds and Expanding Possibilities

Nancy is a highly acclaimed national speaker, author, and professional facilitator for leadership teams and private workshops. She is a former award-winning Chief Financial Officer and executive manager.

Nancy's authenticity, humor, and analytical expertise are creatively combined to engage audiences and help initiate transformative change through new learning and practical tools. She skillfully launches into autobiographical case studies on initiating change through methodical and inspiring discoveries that result in clear, viable, and motivating actions. Nancy is known for probing and shifting when challenges exist; she pushes from "thinking about it" to clear steps for "implementing it!" She is author of internationally published A Left-Brain Thinker On a Right-Brain Journey, as well as other books and numerous articles. 

Nancy's energetic and candid presentations are punctuated with easy-going humor and substantive material for fresh discoveries and practical application. She is described as being fully connected with her audiences and 100% responsive to her clients' needs.

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Nancy Speaks on Self-Initiated Transformative Change

Self-Initiated Transformative Change

Nancy's story and surprising tools within her internationally published book, A Left-Brain Thinker On a Right-Brain Journey, are a jumpstart to major change that your audiences may secretly or overtly be begging for. This cutting-edge topic of initiating change delivered by a former CFO and current strategic planning facilitator will cause even your most demanding audiences to pause, reflect, and feel intrigued and inspired.

The program's foundation is based upon a candid and skillful personal story of an executive applying her business planning techniques to herself in search of clarity for why her "perfect" life did not feel perfect. The approach is unique in that analytical intelligence and business model tools are combined with creative internal listening to help attendees break through limits, fears and boundaries, leaving them saying, "if she can do it, I can too!

  Sample Program Titles:
  • Merging Neuroscience and Native American Wisdom: The Alchemy of Reaching Higher Goals
  • Getting Unstuck: Tools for Initiating New Goals and Vision
  • Breaking through Barriers to Implement Authentic Goals

  Major Learning Objectives:
  • Discover what is required and how to prepare for major shifts in thinking and action.
  • Explore combining intellect and gut instincts when making major choices.
  • Apply business analysis to personal life for planning and decision making.
  • Vigorously explore, enrich, and deepen commitment to action.
  Format: Personal story, tools, individual work, small groups, full group discussion. 

Length of Program: 45 minutes to Full-day workshop

  Book Availability: Client may purchase books as gift to all attendees, or offer the book for purchase. Volume discount applies. Personal book signing available.

Shifting from Chaos to Calm

Given the turbulent state of our economy and planet, there is a need to discover our inner resources to help us shift from chaos to acting with focused, calm strength at work and at home. To take confident action during challenging times, we must be able to easily identify and access positive alternatives. By understanding what occurs in the mind and how we can help ourselves during chaotic times, we can choose strategies to shift from chaos to calm, stand up and thrive, no matter what is going on around us.

During this fresh and instructive program, we explore findings from years of research, interviews and first-hand experiences that Nancy has devoted her practice to in understanding and mastering being a positive change advocate. Nancy's study of the brain, along with MBA/CFO business savvy experience, provides new tools on how to accomplish our potential using awareness, mind and strategic actions, no matter what environment we are in.

  Sample Program Titles:
  • Accessing Positive Choices During Tough Times
  • Break-Through the Chaos with Personal Blueprints to Focused Calm
  • The Art (and Science) of Shifting Our Perspective from Chaos to Calm

  Major Learning Objectives:
  • Explore brain science to utilize left/ right brain assets and discover how we receive and send internal messages that can help us or hurt us.
  • Understand the importance of being present and strategies to cease the whirling mind, especially during turbulent times.
  • Create your unique plan for what to do and how to respond that brings the most effective results in your situation.
  Format: Personal story, tools, individual work, small groups, full group discussion. 

Length of Program: 45 minutes to Half-day workshop

  Book Availability: Client may purchase Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos as gift to all attendees, or offer the book for purchase. Volume discount applies. Personal book signing available.

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